Preliminary Findings

Vision Panel Key Preliminary Findings:

Key Preliminary Findings Outline, January 2016
Top-tier preliminary findings identified by the Transportation Vision Panel Steering Committee

Outline of Subcommittee Preliminary Findings:

Draft Outline of Roadways and Bridges Subcommittee Findings
The Roadways & Bridges Subcommittee was charged with determining the investment needed to adequately maintain and enhance Oregon’s public roadways system to meet current and future demand

Draft Outline of Bike, Pedestrian, Transit, and Passenger Rail Subcommittee Findings
The Bike, Pedestrian, Transit and Passenger Rail Subcommittee was charged with considering how the state can create and enhance transportation alternatives to meet public demand, manage for future growth, enhance public safety, reduce congestion, and create a more equitable transportation system for all Oregonians

Draft Outline of Aviation, Marine, and Freight Rail Subcommittee Findings
The Aviation, Marine, and Freight Rail Subcommittee was charged with considering how the state should invest in multi-modal freight needs, including rail, marine, and airport enhancements that support the state’s trade economy, and how these investments can curb growing congestion while preserving the existing system and enhancing public safety

Draft Outline of Transportation Innovation Subcommittee Findings
Draft Outline of Seismic Resiliency Subcommittee Findings
The Innovation and Seismic Subcommittee was charged with:
1) Identifying and recommending investments, actions and management approaches that encourage and facilitate innovation in Oregon’s transportation sector, and
2) Identifying the level are priority of investments needed to adequately bolster the seismic resiliency of the state’s transportation

Outline of Concepts for Further Consideration (Finance):

Draft Outline of Transportation Finance Subcommittee Concepts for Further Consideration
The Transportation Finance Subcommittee was charged with identifying current and future obstacles to Oregon’s ability to pay for key transportation investments and developing finance options that can provide adequate and sustainable funding for all modes of transportation. The Subcommittee is continuing its work into 2016, and the attached Outline provides an overview of financing options under consideration